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Olsa’s CIP/SIP

Olsa’s have a wide range of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of equipment and complex systems for liquid, semisolid and solid products. This has allowed them to design and manufacture the most complete and automated CIP/SIP systems on the market.

The CIP/SIP systems are provided with one or two purified water buffer tanks, sanitary heat exchangers to heat up the washing solutions, detergent/chemical dosing groups in order to optimize the cleaning in place, conductivity meters, pH and TOC instruments to analyse the quality of washing solutions.

Product Features
  • Minimized water consumption during CIP cycles thanks to an optimized process design
  • System design BPE/ASME, fully compliant with EU cGMP and FDA requirements
  • Sophisticated control systems for automatic/semi-automatic operations/recipes in compliance with 21 CFR part 11, controlled by PLC and SCADA

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