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Passion Beyond Sterilisation

Fedegari Group, world leaders in the production of solutions for sterile processes in the pharmaceutical sector. We ensure quality, technology and support.

SteriTech is very proud to offer a range of solutions for the full life cycle of the Fedegari Equipment including project management, validation and process optimisation solutions


Over the years, Fedegari has diversified its production, creating products upstream and downstream sterilization and bio-decontamination units, isolators, washers and automated systems for environmental contamination control.

A unique characteristic of Fedegari is the extreme verticalization of the company, which has always refused the idea of assembling sophisticated sterilizers and other machines with standard components (COTS) designed for multiple applications, building everything in-house. This has allowed, after many years of field experience, to control technology through in-depth knowledge of the machines and processes and the constant innovation of our products.

Today Fedegari is able to provide turnkey solutions, assisting the customer from the design phase and accompanying it up to the validation of the process itself.

Another interesting development is Thema4 process controller installed on all sterilizers, bio-decontamination units and any other Fedegari machines (isolatorswasherswasher-sterilizers, etc.) Thema4 is the only process controller developed from the beginning to satisfy the most stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. It is able to natively integrates with the SCADA and MES systems in use by customers.

Sterilisers, bio-decontamination units and other Fedegari machines are distributed throughout the world by a network of local integrators able to ensure the operation and after-sales support during the entire life cycle of the machine.

Supplier Information

All Fedegari machines are customised project by project, using over 200 standard pressure vessel designs. The design philosophy is to minimise potential causes of failure. This has yielded ultra-robust door seal systems, magnetically coupled fan drives, chamber and door structures with welds minimised. The result is exceptional long-term reliability of all the units manufactured.

Fedegari is committed and continue to design machines exclusively as a function of the specific operating requirements of their users. It is Fedegari’s constant collaboration with their clients that has allowed them to develop and grow their “company know-how”, without which today’s results would never have been achieved.


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