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Steam Washers

Fedegari Steam Washers – The FSW Range

Capitalizing on the experience acquired with the FOWS range of washer-sterilisers in the pharmaceutical market. These machines represent a cost-effective solution for the highest performances

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Product Features
  • Closed loop piping recirculates water without the need of a buffer tank
  • Fully modular rack can be designed for any load configuration
  • Real time conductivity monitoring (TOC also available on request)
  • Integrated steam generator allowing steam injection during pre-washing to soften soils and reduce the detergents typically required.
  • Hydrophobic sterile filter cartridge allowing for sterile air injection for improved drying

In comparative tests carried out in Fedegari’s R&D laboratory, steam has proven to be more effective in reducing microbial contamination. Disinfection through steam is the recommended treatment for achieving higher bio-burden log reduction.

Click here to see an analysis of wash effectiveness when using steam-heated WFI.

Likewise, the modular loading rack allows for a single and reliable operation, cycle after cycle.