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Water is behind any pharmaceutical and cosmetic product: the ability to transform it with quality makes it pure.

The Water Technologies


Stilmas provide complete systems for water purification, WFI distillation and pure steam generation, plus complete storage and distribution loops. Stilmas are the only manufacturer able to supply solutions across the board using all the relevant technologies.

Supplier Information

The first key principle is to rigorously select the most suitable process for each application. For example, hot and cold WFI can be distilled using quite different techniques, each with different advantages. Similarly, the pure steam demand of an autoclave has very different characteristics from the pure steam demand for humidification. With in-depth practical experience across the whole range of available technologies, Stilmas are well placed to offer considered solutions to customers needs.

The second key principle is to design for ultra reliability and long life. Typical standards are for twenty years continuous operation with one annual service and no breaks between services. This is achieved by designing simplicity in and unnecessary elaboration out while maintaining the highest standards of output quality.

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