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Combined Washer-Sterilisers

Fedegari Combined Washer-Sterilisers – The FOWS Range

Another absolute unique and original solution, designed for improving and simplifying all cleaning requirements when the loads need to enter a controlled-contamination environment.

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Product Features
  • Load from sterile side for washing
  • Withdrawal from the non-sterile side for bagging & sealing of openings
  • Reloading for pass-through sterilisation through to the sterile suite
  • Pure steam can be applied to pre-heat loads with viscous contaminants
  • Vacuum drying replaces hot air drying which is energy-hungry and has attendant problems of extraction of large volumes of hot humid air

All Fedegari washer-sterilisers come with a complete SIP capability, sterilising all water recirculating lines. Fedegari washer-sterilisers can also be operated independently as conventional saturated steam autoclaves or as conventional ultra washers.