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VHP Decontamination

Fedegari VHP Decontamination – The FCDV Range

With the FCDV bio decontamination unit you can bring inside the clean rooms all those products and instruments that cannot be thermally sterilized. Surface bio decontamination of the load is carried out with vaporized hydrogen peroxide – H2O2. This solution is becoming increasingly relevant as the regulators shift their focus away from traditional moist and dry-heat sterilization processes to address all other bioburdeden risks.

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Product Features
  • Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidant which has been used as a sterilant for over 20 years. 
  • Fedegari units use dry compressed air and vacuum air removal to substantially accelerate the attainment of required humidity, then aeration with the benefit of reduced cycle times.
  • Fedegari H2O2 systems have been developed on the long experience in this field of BioCom SrL.