Pure Water Technologies

Stilmas is the world leader in technologies and systems for Clean Utilities, with a proven track record in pharmaceutical and biotech applications; WFI generation, PW generation PS generation Storage, Distribution, and Turnkey Systems


WFI Generation

Vapor Compression

Various configurations for the most reliable WFI generation technology


Multiple Effect Pharmastill MS

Multiple Effect Still with steam, electric or a combination of PSG and WFI



Efficient WFI by membrane equipment, compliant, reliable and efficient


PW Generation

Reverse Osmosis

Ensuring the highest bacterial purity in both single and double-stage versions

Reverse Osmosis + EDI

Efficient Purified Water production using Reverse Osmosis and EDI


Sustainable USP water system utilising heat-sanitisable RO & EDI

Pure Steam Generation

Pure Steam Generation

The most reliable PSG with new features for increased efficiency and sustainability

Multiple Effect Pharmastill MS

Multiple Effect Still with steam, electric or a combination of PSG and WFI

Pre Treatment Solutions


High-efficiency RO Unit designed to reduce water and energy usage for water pretreatment

Biopure H2P

Two-pass sanitary automatic heat sanitisable RO unit

Other Pretreatment systems

Multimedia filters, softeners and all available technologies suitable for pretreatment systems

Storage,Distribution, Automation and Turn Key Solutions

Storage and Distribution Systems (SDS)

Reliable distribution systems; ozone, chemical or heat sanitisable. 

Automation & Digitalization Solutions

Controls and automation, including AI and Digital Twin

Turnkey Solutions

Design, Generation, Storage, Distribution, Automation, Installation, commissioning, and validation all as one packaged solution 

Upgrades and Revamping

Our integrated revamping programs consist of various activities to adapt, modernize, upgrade, update, optimize and make your equipment smart when it's time to. Our dedicated team can offer complete or modular overhauls for existing systems through design, mechanical execution, electrical execution, software development, functional testing, change control and validation.

This means maximising the efficiency of your equipment or system, saving resources and making it future-proof.

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