Process Solutions for Biopharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry
Complex processing systems for any solid, semisolid products including bulk thawing systems. Liquid forms (including aseptic processing), semi-solids and solid components (API and fine chemicals). Olsa's equipment and turn-key systems are constantly evolving with the latest developments regarding international regulations and the standards in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries

Olsa is the ideal partner for Advanced Process Solutions in the Biopharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries all over the world
Company History
Founded by Eng. Bertuzzi to design and manufacture equipment for the production of solids and semi-solids.

Olsa has almost 70 years of history during which it has expanded its footprint globally with offices and production sites in Italy & France and commercial offices in US. Experiencing continuous growth thanks to these “model factories”

Solid, Semisolid & Liquids

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Registered in Ireland as SteriTech Process Solutions Limited - Company number: 654374
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