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Since 1983, BCD has delivered High Purity Process Systems worldwide to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage and Chemical industries. With particular expertise in Product Formulation, Clean in Place, Clean Utilities and Thermal Treatment, our engineers are continually challenged to develop innovative process, mechanical & automation solutions.

These solutions can be constructed as Modular Skids in our skid workshops comprising of 4000m2 of Assembly Space with dedicated testing utilities and facilities; or they can be part assembled, piped and wired on site by our field installation team.

Alternatively, Olsa is a manufacturing and engineering company specialized in design, development and manufacturing of high technology, durable equipment, including complete production systems for pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic and fine chemicals industries.

Olsa production process competences and range of products cover liquids (including aseptic processing), semi-solids and solid components (API and fine chemicals)


Olsa - Liquid, Solid & Semi Solid Products
Partner of BCD & part of The Masco Group. Serving the pharma, biopharma, cosmetic & fine chemical industries with advanced processing solutions

SteriTech are proud to represent Olsa and provide support throughout the full lifecycle of the equipment.
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Pharma and bio vessels
BCD have a 25 year proven track record of manufacturing process vessels for a wide range of applications in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotech industries.

Their pressure vessels are PED Certified and conform to ASME VIII, PD 5500 or other internationally recognised standards. Their niche is providing highly polished vessels for high purity applications.
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Super-skids and Turnkey Solutions
Skid design, fabrication, assembly and testing take place ‘in-house’. Ensures maximum control of project activities and avoids the piecemeal design development that is typical of traditional “stick-built” systems. The assembly of systems in the company’s workshop offers savings up to 25% compared with on-site construction. The leveraged testing and qualification provide the client with the most cost effective validation solution.

The BCD vessels workshop is equipped with a high bay fabrication area that can accommodate vessels up to 300,000L, 20 tonne, 20m high and 6m diameter. The shop features automatic polishing facilities and has over the last 25 years met the challenge of building some of the largest shop-built polished vessels.
Biological Effluent Treatment
Effluent from Biotech, Biologics, and Research Labs can be contaminated with viable hazardous biological agents (including viral agents) and genetically modified micro-organisms.

BCD produce a range of systems designed to ACDP Guidelines to be able to collect, inactivate, cool and neutralise this waste such that it can be handled by the downstream waste treatment systems. These systems range from continuous to batch systems with direct steam injection or indirect heating, utilising economisers where appropriate to reduce the energy consumption. We have extensive experience of all containment levels up to ACDP CL4 Laboratory waste.
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