Automated Steam Quality Monitoring
Discover the Armstrong QM-3! Designed to meet EN285 standards.

Portable & Easy-to-Install automatic steam quality monitoring for real-time insights without manual intervention.

Increased accurate data and enhanced safety in your steam system. Say goodbye to human error and welcome unmatched accuracy and consistency into your steam quality monitoring process!

Real-Time & Continuous Monitoring
Comprehensive Insights: Gain valuable insights into steam quality trends and patterns, empowering you to optimise your processes. Data logging capabilities allow you to track steam quality parameters with ease.

Early Issue Detection: Proactively identify steam quality problems to prevent costly failures and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Unmatched Accuracy: The QM-3 provides precise measurements of steam dryness fraction, ensuring reliable data for critical decision-making.
Take Control of your Steam Quality
Achieve ‚Č•95% Steam Dryness: Maintain dry steam to avoid wet autoclave loads and ensure optimal sterilisation outcomes.

Eliminate Superheated Steam: Prevent sterilisation failures by monitoring and eliminating superheated steam, which hinders the transfer of latent heat.

Ensure Optimal Steam Penetration: Eliminate cold spots in your processes by ensuring optimal steam penetration, minimizing the risk of inadequate sterilisation.

Perfect equipment to meet the New Annex 1 Requirements!
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