Purified Water Systems
Pure water generation systems by Stilmas represent the simplest, safest and most reliable water purification method for the production of ultra-pure water when high bacterial and chemical quality is required
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Key Benefits
  • Double stage reverse osmosis plants constitute the most reliable solution for the production of purified water and the only solution for the production of highly purified water
  • The double stage RO configuration, with a second break tank between the first and second rack of membranes, is the most updated design by Stilmas and allows to use the second stage RO as a microbial polisher for the PW/HPW (Purified Water/High Purified Water) distribution loop
  • Granting an extremely low conductivity, Stilmas Reverse Osmosis + Electro Deionization (RO+EDI) plants constitute a reliable alternative to the traditional double stage Reverse Osmosis for the production purified water
  • CDI technology also grants a continuous regeneration of the resins. This way we avoid the contact of the CDI modules with external and potentially contaminated stream of water
  • Stilmas pure water production plants PHARMARO and PHARMADION can be sanitized chemically (standard version) or by heating (on request)

Model Variants Include:
  • RO +EDI
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Pretreatment
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Lifecycle Support
SteriTech have served the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, we are able to support our full range of equipment and services across all regions of the UK and Ireland. Over this time, we have been able to build a hugely experienced team that has grown continuously through the years. At the same time our equipment installations have also grown and we are present in all major pharmaceutical companies
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